The dream killer

“But” is the world that kills dreams. I just finished watching Les Brown – The power to change on youtube. It is a great video that talks about what we do to ourselves on a daily basis. We walk through life like we really don’t want or need more but deep down we all have bigger dreams or ambitions. We continue to put these dreams off by saying the word ‘but’. I can do that but it can wait until tomorrow but there is not guarantee that you will do it tomorrow. We go through life using all these excuses and words to justify our inaction and its a terrible cycle. There are a lot of things we say ‘no’ to and we don’t even know why we are saying no. We need to start reaching out and trying new things.

I know I have used these words on a daily basis when talking about dreams or ideas that I have and nothing ever comes of it. I know I will still continue to use these words but being concious about when I am using them will help my reach my end goal. I now am shifting my thought process and following my gut to pursue my dreams. All of these ideas about inaction were from the video and I hope all of these ideas that were presented will stick with me.


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