Time again

Oh man, just about fell asleep before writing in this blog. I kept thinking of it so I got up because I didn’t want to end my cycle of writing in this everyday.

Again today it felt like I ran out of time, I was up from about 4-630am taking care of baby Kayden and then got ready to start work at 730. After finishing work I had a bday dinner with my wife prior to taking a short nap. After the nap I was able to go the gym and do some grocery shopping. Once I got home I was able to spend sometime with Kayden and my wife. We stayed up painting and enjoying each other’s time. That is my absolute favorite time of day when I can spend time with my wife and daughter.

I will be back tomorrow with a more in depth blog but it’s time to call it a night before the monster(Kayden) decides to keep me up all night again


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