Being a Lion

Finding the motivation within is sometimes a hard thing to do when trying to complete tasks throughout the day. The only way we can continually do this is if we have a change in attitude. A great way of thinking of it is changing your mindset to how a lion thinks compared to a gazelle. A lion will always find a way to survive because it can find something within to push itself. That hunger will drive a lion to miles on end in search of its next meal. A gazelle though will only run when something external is driving it to run.

If I want to be successful I need to have the same mindset as a lion. I need to always find something within to drive me to strive towards my goals. Laying around will never get me anywhere. I need to start consciously thinking of every action I take throughout the day to see if it is beneficial to my end dream.

My dream is own my own business and to provide the best life to my daughter and wife. I dream of giving them everything that they ever want in the world. I will always be there to love and support them as well. Family is everything to me, I will not fail in reaching this goal.


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