Finding time

I know we all say we wish we had more time but do we really? Would we really be productive with the extra time that’s given to us? That is a very difficult question to answer. I know for myself personally I have a bad habit of wasting time. Even before starting this post I was on Facebook and then I had to check Youtube for any new videos. Both are waste of time because I know I was just on those websites within the last hour. How much could have really changed? I know I need to break this habit.

To start trying to break these habits I need to break the triggers which make me visit these sites. I have both of these websites set to my bookmark on my browser and every time I open my browser I feel the urge to click on them. It is the same urge a smoker may get when he gets into his car for a ride or sees another person smoking. If I don’t click on them before doing anything else it feels like something is off.

I feel like this is a growing problem with our society now, we are all addicted to technology and that instant gratification. From the beeps on our cell phones to the red notifications on our apps, it gives us a false sense of belonging. I know it will be hard to break these habits cold turkey but I need to start gradually fading them out and making better use of my time. Will my life really be effected if I only check social media sites once a day rather then 50? I really doubt it. What are some bad habits you have and want to change or have changed?


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