Keep going!

Here we go, it’s day 2 and I’m back. The hardest part of it all is always getting started, making myself do something that I’m not totally comfortable with.

Anyway, I just finished reading ‘Stop Saying You’re Fine’ by Mel Robbins. It was a great self-help book. So many times in life we are ‘stuck’ and we always say to ourselves that things will be fine when indeed they are not. We continue to fool ourselves into a false sense of security. We continue to do things that don’t make us happy and we never seem to do anything to change our situation. She has several rules to follow in order to get unstuck. One of the rules that really stood out to me was if you have an idea or something you want to act on you must do it within 5 seconds or you start to over analyse the situation. You start to doubt the ideas you have in your head with negative comments like ‘I can’t do that’ or ‘that’s impossible’. The best thing you can do is just act on it and see where it leads, it may be the best thing that has ever happened to you. The book also has a 7 day challenge which I will be attempting.

Day 1 – Face the day – Set the alarm 30min before you normally wake up and get up within 10 seconds of hearing the alarm

Day 2 – Admit it – After waking up, write down an idea you have for the next 5min. Explain how you would feel if you accomplished this

Day 3 – Excercise

Day 4 – Breaking your routine – Taking a different way to work, listening to different music…just about anything to switch up my day.

Day 5 – Eye Contact – Make eye contact with 5 strangers and hold the look and smile back for 4 seconds. (This one seems the toughest, it really puts me out there and I will do my best to complete this challenge)

Day 6 – Go public – Tell someone about your idea, 1 stranger and 1 person you know

Day 7 – Connect – Plan a dinner with a loved one and don’t talk about yourself. Ask about their life and interests.

That wraps up day 2! Be back tomorrow!


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