Rejection has to be one of the harder things to accept in our daily life and it can be taken in two ways. It can either bring you down and keep you down or you can use it as motivation to keep working. I recently applied for a job position in which I was not the successful applicant. After hearing the news, I started questioning my own character and all my flaws. Wanting to give up was my next thought, but I have to push on forward. It is normal to start thinking negatively after rejection but its what you do after that defines you.

I am going to use this rejection as motivation to keep working and pursue my dreams. There are always going to be set back, it’s normal and everyone goes through it. This is a perfect time to re-evaluate myself and what I need work on. I will show the world how great I am.



Changing a word in what we can make a huge difference in our results. We all have goals and ambitions but sometimes we can psych ourselves out. In a speech by Les Brown, he said we sometimes set goals and we say we can do it or we have to do it and it puts too much pressure on ourselves. If we start changing how we say we will accomplish our goals to ‘it’s possible’ it takes a lot of pressure off ourselves.

When we can envision someone else that can do it, it changes our mindset to see we can also do it. We need to set high goals for ourselves and envision the possibility of it happening because it can. Always reach for the top and strive for greatness.


This has to be one of the most powerful and feared words in the English language. Failure is something I was totally afraid of before and would avoid attempting things because I didn’t want to fail. I’ve learned now that failing at something doesn’t make me as a person a failure. It can be very easy to confuse yourself to thinking you are a failure after not completing something but it should be used as a learning tool.

For myself I was totally terrified of public speaking. I would avoid it at all cost because if I stumbled or got embarrassed I thought I was a failure. I’ve learned that if I didn’t keep pushing myself to do what I was terrified of doing it would make me a failure. You cannot live life in fear. We have all failed at something and we will continue to do so throughout our life.

One of my favorite quotes about failure is from Michael Jordan.

“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.”

I never want to look back in life and wonder what if. We remember more of the things we didn’t do then the things we did do. So continue on with trying new things… Who knows what could come of it.

The dream killer

“But” is the world that kills dreams. I just finished watching Les Brown – The power to change on youtube. It is a great video that talks about what we do to ourselves on a daily basis. We walk through life like we really don’t want or need more but deep down we all have bigger dreams or ambitions. We continue to put these dreams off by saying the word ‘but’. I can do that but it can wait until tomorrow but there is not guarantee that you will do it tomorrow. We go through life using all these excuses and words to justify our inaction and its a terrible cycle. There are a lot of things we say ‘no’ to and we don’t even know why we are saying no. We need to start reaching out and trying new things.

I know I have used these words on a daily basis when talking about dreams or ideas that I have and nothing ever comes of it. I know I will still continue to use these words but being concious about when I am using them will help my reach my end goal. I now am shifting my thought process and following my gut to pursue my dreams. All of these ideas about inaction were from the video and I hope all of these ideas that were presented will stick with me.


A quote by Jim Rohn has always stuck with me “you are the average of the 5 people you spend most time with”. It is such a true statement. If you are hanging out with passionate people their energy reflects onto you and makes you feel the same way they do. If you are hanging around people who always complain about life, job or even the weather you will fall into the same pattern. Do not let these people drag you down, continue to pursue your dreams.

I have just come back from one of the most inspirational nights where I thought all things were possible. The 3 of us were able to chat about whatever came to our minds and ask questions and how we can improve on that idea. Having supportive purple around you that will not judge you for having your own thoughts is such a rare thing to find. I encourage you to share your feelings with your friends and if they do not share the same value or add something to your life they may be wasting your time.

Life is such a precious thing and it always comes back to time. Use your time wisely and spend it with people who care and will inspire you to be the best you can be!

Being a Lion

Finding the motivation within is sometimes a hard thing to do when trying to complete tasks throughout the day. The only way we can continually do this is if we have a change in attitude. A great way of thinking of it is changing your mindset to how a lion thinks compared to a gazelle. A lion will always find a way to survive because it can find something within to push itself. That hunger will drive a lion to miles on end in search of its next meal. A gazelle though will only run when something external is driving it to run.

If I want to be successful I need to have the same mindset as a lion. I need to always find something within to drive me to strive towards my goals. Laying around will never get me anywhere. I need to start consciously thinking of every action I take throughout the day to see if it is beneficial to my end dream.

My dream is own my own business and to provide the best life to my daughter and wife. I dream of giving them everything that they ever want in the world. I will always be there to love and support them as well. Family is everything to me, I will not fail in reaching this goal.

Time again

Oh man, just about fell asleep before writing in this blog. I kept thinking of it so I got up because I didn’t want to end my cycle of writing in this everyday.

Again today it felt like I ran out of time, I was up from about 4-630am taking care of baby Kayden and then got ready to start work at 730. After finishing work I had a bday dinner with my wife prior to taking a short nap. After the nap I was able to go the gym and do some grocery shopping. Once I got home I was able to spend sometime with Kayden and my wife. We stayed up painting and enjoying each other’s time. That is my absolute favorite time of day when I can spend time with my wife and daughter.

I will be back tomorrow with a more in depth blog but it’s time to call it a night before the monster(Kayden) decides to keep me up all night again